Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Being a bit of a self confessed pinterest-aholic I can't seem to stop finding beautiful and creative things that I then NEED to recreate. Today we put up our Christmas decorations and so I thought I'd start by making these incredible snowflake decorations. Mum and I were watching 'Jamie's Best Ever Christmas' and give it a look because Jamie's kitchen is the most creatively decorated place ever! After seeing this, I perused pinterest and discovered this little tutorial and wanted to recreate it for you :) Here's my step by step guide to making some fab snowflakes and a few pictures of us constructing the tree:
Step One: You will only need paper, some scissors, some tape and a stapler. Any type of paper is good, I imagine the more adventurous the better! I chose the classic white for the ultimate snowy effect.
Step Two: It's just six pieces of paper required for this creation.
Step Three: If your bits of paper aren't already - make them square ℹ
Step Four: Do all steps up to twelve to all six pieces of paper. Fold the square in half.
Step Five: And then in half again.
Step Six: Cut three equally spaced apart lines along the folded edge of the triangle, making sure not to cut all the way to the end, otherwise it will fall apart!

Step Seven: Unfold the triangle and it will look like this.
Step Eight: Unfold it again and it will look like this.
Step Nine: Once unfolded, take the first two halves of the inner square and tape them together forming a roll.
Step Ten: Turn the whole thing over and join the next two halves together forming another roll.
Step Eleven: Turn it over again, roll and tape and repeat until the whole thing looks like this.
Step Twelve: Do this six times.

Step Thirteen: Staple three of the twirls together. And the other three.
Step Fourteen: Staple these sets of three together and you should have a pretty wobbly snowflake.
Step Fifteen: To not have a wobbly snowflake staple or tape each adjacent twirl together. This makes it super sturdy!! TA-DAH!

And to finish, some cheesy pics of us putting up the tree!

Ain't he gorgeous!

Anyone else as excited about Christmas as me?
Lil x

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  1. I love the decoration idea :) so much that I have just made a snowflake and it is now hanging on the wall! Super quick and easy to do.
    Little Ghost x