Wednesday, 5 December 2012

How to: Christmas Wreaths

Being a leader at a brownie pack makes finding new craft almost a weekly occurrence! Our Brown Owl came across this ingenious and quick way to make your own wreaths.
We used:
 - polystyrene ring from hobby craft £3.29 (although cheaper elsewhere I have since discovered) 
 - Multicoloured wool - we bought some from eBay as well as getting donations from parents, using fewer colours looks most effective although some of the girls went a bit nuts and the sparkly stuff proved to be the most popular!

If you're a craft buff then I'm sure your starting colour and end can be carefully concealed by winding the wool round and round the same segment, with the girls however, we started them off by taping the first bit of wool to the ring. Then its as simple as just winding round and round changing colours now and again. Try not to get too tangled up although, check out some of the photos of the colossal knots some of the brownies got themselves into! We changed colours by tying the new wool to the next one, but again you could just do some fancy tucking techniques to hide all poking out bits. Wool worked really well but you could also try ribbon which would probably have better coverage!
Once its fully coloured and all white bits concealed we took some felt and cut out holly and flower shapes that we then glued on with a glue gun, we added some beads for the flower centres for the girls ones.

I went for the classic christmas colours combo and some holly.

Different wools, sparkly and fluffy too!
Multicoloured variations!

Some crazy knots

Hopefully this won't happen to you! Took a while to untangle!!
There are so many variations to try, why limit yourself to just having wreaths at Christmas time? One of them even had neon green in theirs!
Lil x

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