Saturday, 8 December 2012


Today was my birthday eek and I had a super lovely day!! After being woken by mum with a glass of coke (mega addict I know haha) I opened my cards with my favourite mog, Peter. 
This is Peter.
I had quite a slow and relaxed morning and then in the afternoon some of my nearest and dearest came round. Toby (the boyf) got me the most beautiful ring which is shaped like a heart and brought round the jumpers I had bought from his parkour team's shop - check them out they're amazing! Whilst prancing around in my storror jumper I opened presents and I also got some pretty wooden bunting and photo frame holder things, an adults colouring book, a bunny :) a beautiful clutch bag, a new alarm clock and from my parents an iPhone 5! Absolutely wow, the camera quality is incredible, all photos in the post are from it and the majority of future ones will be too! It's crazy how well my friends know me!

Ryan with my new clock, my beautiful ring, and Toby and Baring.

Liam, me and Ryan and Toby with my new Rabbit.

Oops repetition, me, Baring and Charlie reppin' the storror jumper and me and Nikki (who came all the way from Bath Uni, what an incredible friend!)

Liam, me and Ryan and then Liam, Nikki and Baring.

Toby then took me out for dinner and we went to Loch Fynne where the food is delicious - I had a tagliatelle style dish with scallops and clams and squid and Ginge had fish and chips. It's a fish restaurant if you hadn't gathered already. 

Such a cutie!

A beautiful day spent with beautiful people! 19 now. Ahhhh 20 next!
(Sorry for late posting, my birthday was yesterday - the 7th, but I was tired and the laptop was being rubbish so it had to wait until today!)

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