Monday, 21 January 2013

How to - Duck Tape Wallet.

Duck Tape Wallet How to.

Toby, my chap, has desperately needed a new wallet for a while and so... why not make one? This duck tape wallet tutorial I had found on pinterest was perfect and with duck tape being something that nearly everyone can find floating around it works wonderfully. He's rather meticulous when it comes to things like this and so although it took him close to three hours he managed to add on his own nifty pocket with a flap to hold his change in and we laminated a wallet for the plastic to put his train card in.

Look how chuffed he is!
Concentration to the max!

Lil x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Week In Instagrams

My week in instagrams! 1. Spent last sunday evening with Baring and Charlie, amazing friends that I don't get to see as often as I would like. 2. Peter waiting expectantly at the kitchen table. 3. Helping Emma-Jayne defrost the inside of her old school mini after brownies on wednesday. 4/5/6. An evening spent with Emma eating great chocolate and testing out nail wraps from primark. 7/8. A wintery stroll with Mum in the snowy woods opposite our house. 9. Peter being a complete poser.

Have you enjoyed the snow this week?
Lil x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Family Favourite.

Coming from a family of sweet tooths, dessert is quite a regular event. One of our favourites is the pampered chef recipe for Raspberry Brioche Pudding. Its so simple being made from just eight ingredients (sorry the photo is misleading)! We make ours in a pie dish but that's because we love large portions. All you'll need is:
- 3 eggs
- A whole brioche loaf
- 300g raspberries
- 200g white chocolate
- 570ml sour cream
- some vanilla essence
- 1 tbsp plain flour
- 2 tbsp sugar
To summarize the recipe, you chop up the brioche and chocolate and place in the dish, sprinkling raspberries in-between  Meanwhile in a jug mix together the sour cream, three eggs and some vanilla to taste and then pour all over the dry ingredients. Bake for about half an hour at gas mark 6 or 200C. The result should be gooey and melted and crisp and great all at once with a custard type sauce having formed too. It's also good cold so leftovers are a must! 

Got any great recipes I should try?
Lil x

Recipe is owned by Pameperd chef. 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Week A La Instagram

1. A goodbye wagamamas with Toby and Megan before she went back to uni :( 2. Finally found myself an everyday lipstick, No 7. Classic Rose 3. Emma came round for tea and nail painting. 4. My nails. 5. The yummy lunch Emma and I had in covent garden. 6. Emma looking gawj on the train. 7. Toby the absolute charmer chillin' like a villian. 8. Started a granny square crochet blanket! 9. Peter being a lazy mog.
Lil x

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Company Magazine's Blogging Event!

Going to Company's Event was amazing! Emma and I spent the whole day doing lots of shopping and the evening was spent at The Rich Mix Venue in Bethnal Green. We travelled down super early and spent the whole train journey trying to find the ticket chap and not fall onto any sleeping commuters (we have now learnt Emma has the worst balance especially on the tube - she almost landed in plenty of laps!) 

Me on the left, two fellow bloggers and my gal Emma on the right. Photo from Company website.

Once in London we did the majority of our shopping in Oxford street, stopping off at Topshop, Primark etc and  I finally got to go in a Forever21 - it was amazing!! We then went to covent garden where we had lunch of a delicious chicken burger with fries and salad. We hit quite a few charity shops and I was astounded at some of their content! Manolo Blahniks and Chanel shoes for £60 - craziness! And we also went to The East End Thrift Store which is a storage unit of vintage finds that would make every hipster cry with excitement and we have decided we shall revisit one day for sure. We also went to Somerset House and had a look at a free exhibition that was on.

Chanels and Manolo Blahnik's for £60!

Somerset House has unisex toilets?

After a hefty walk because of a misjudgment of tube stations, we arrived at The Rich Mix where we were greeted by some beauties from Company and welcomed into a room full of fellow bloggers. After grabbing a drink we got chatting to two lovely ladies that work at company, shortly followed by two equally lovely ladies who work for Amber Venz who happened to be on the blogging panel. 

We went through to where the seating was for the Q&A sesh and we were greeted at our seats with the BEST goodie bag you could ever wish for (and I thought party bags were great pffft nothing compared to these goody laden bags of joy.) 
Listening to all these successful ladies was so inspiring and all their answers made so much sense and has made me want to blog more and regularly! After the Q&A we got to mingle again and we managed to talk to Gem from GemFatale, Carrie from Wishwishwish and Shini from ParknCube who are all amazing gals! We travelled back to Waterloo and then homeward after having met Charlotte who travelled home on the underground with us, check out her blog here: plastichorsess.

All in all a rather fabulous day spent with the best friend, one I would quite happily repeat :) And, I finally joined twitter - follow me @ElizabethPoyntz
I will be putting up a post about my purchases and my amazing goodie bag, so keep your eyes peeled and your keyboards at the ready.
Lil x

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Teacup Tea-lights!

Sorry for the severe lack of posts, Christmas crept up on the Poyntz household and suddenly I had no time! I did however, manage to get in one craft before Christmas with my number one gal Emma, the owner of the beautiful blog IndigoSilk. We made some tea lights in teacups!

There's a super cute cafe in Guildford that also sells old crockery, whilst doing some last minute shopping mum and I came across these gorgeous teacups and at just £2 each we had to get them! We got the wax and the wicks from eBay, see links, and just before Christmas we made them. They're very easy to make as long as you move quite quickly as the wax sets super quick!

We followed the method that Kirstie Allsopp suggests and after heating the desired amount of wax in a bowl over a pan of simmering water we poured it into our teacups. We also made one in a kilner jar which we lined with some of the dried orange I had made here and threw some cloves in for good measure!

Once the wax begins to set you'll see a film begin to form on the surface of the wax and its at this point that you should put the wick in. Pushing it clean in all the way to the bottom it should stay in its place.

As the wax hardens, a dip forms in the middle (we thought this was where the wick is pushed in.) In order to make a finished candle it is suggested to pour some more wax in on top of this dip. And voila! Try experimenting, we made some with a pink hue to them and I'd like to experiment with some fragrances too! 
Lil x