Thursday, 3 January 2013

Teacup Tea-lights!

Sorry for the severe lack of posts, Christmas crept up on the Poyntz household and suddenly I had no time! I did however, manage to get in one craft before Christmas with my number one gal Emma, the owner of the beautiful blog IndigoSilk. We made some tea lights in teacups!

There's a super cute cafe in Guildford that also sells old crockery, whilst doing some last minute shopping mum and I came across these gorgeous teacups and at just £2 each we had to get them! We got the wax and the wicks from eBay, see links, and just before Christmas we made them. They're very easy to make as long as you move quite quickly as the wax sets super quick!

We followed the method that Kirstie Allsopp suggests and after heating the desired amount of wax in a bowl over a pan of simmering water we poured it into our teacups. We also made one in a kilner jar which we lined with some of the dried orange I had made here and threw some cloves in for good measure!

Once the wax begins to set you'll see a film begin to form on the surface of the wax and its at this point that you should put the wick in. Pushing it clean in all the way to the bottom it should stay in its place.

As the wax hardens, a dip forms in the middle (we thought this was where the wick is pushed in.) In order to make a finished candle it is suggested to pour some more wax in on top of this dip. And voila! Try experimenting, we made some with a pink hue to them and I'd like to experiment with some fragrances too! 
Lil x


  1. i had been thinking about making some of these for a while! thought about using some nice essential oils:) hobby craft do create bits for candle making:)

    1. Definitely give them a whirl, it was so simple! xx

  2. Same to you angel! Have followed your blog, its so cute! Definitely going to get many craft ideas from you :) xoxo