Sunday, 21 April 2013

This Time For Africa!

Once again I have to apologise for being awful at blogging. Having got back into my bloglovin addiction I now realise how much I like blogging and how many ideas I have for posts! So watch this space.

However, the past two weeks we went on our 'Holiday of a Lifetime' named by my Pop, and what a holiday it was! We spent fourteen days in Zanzibar, an island just off the coast of Tanzania, absolutely incredible! The people are so welcoming and relaxed, everything's 'hakuna matata,' as in the Lion King haha and I only knew 'hello' was 'jambo' thanks to Mean Girls. We stayed in a hotel and spent the days lounging and eating coconuts and we went on trips to see dolphins and giant tortoise and colobus monkeys. We went on quite a lot of rickety boats, one of which dropped it's engine in the sea which was great and got to snorkel lots and yeah overall amazing and I'm definitely missing it now that we're back at work and stuff! Cracked out the white nail polish straight away in the hopes of enhancing my slowly fading tan and it looks to be doing the job! Enough twaddle, check out the photos:

Holiday crafty bits coming soon,
Lil x 

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